As a stock photographer I am always looking for models for various concepts, locations and “looks”

My stock photography shoots are done on a TFP basis.

TFP is a common form of cooperation between photographers and models allowing both to benefit from the experience with no money exchanged (a form of barter). The images can be used by the model for building his/her portfolio, or for other personal, non-commercial uses such as personal prints, Christmas cards, etc.. The photographer uses the images to advertise his business and to upload them to stock image agencies. The model will receive personal usage rights, but no commercial rights. All commercial rights will remain with the photographer and the model is required to sign a model release that is a contract between the two parties concerning usage rights.

I am looking for models of all ages and body types. Minors must have a parent or guardian sign the model release, and they must be present at all times during the shoot. All models must provide a picture ID, and provide a valid address and phone number.

If you have a specific type of shot in mind, I will try to include that in the shoot upon request (preferably in advance). If you can bring a few changes of clothes to provide a variety of “looks” that is even better. I will include “personal” photographs as part of a shoot that include partial nudity or implied nudity if you provide a private location. Such shoots will require proof of age, and must include a chaperone (my wife may be available, if requested in advance).

If you live within 4 hours of Laurel, MD and would like to discuss the possibilities, email me with particulars and I will arrange something within a few weeks. I will also consider those who are farther away depending on the desirability of the location as a travel destination, but don’t assume anything there as I like to travel to different places than most. Send emails to and use a title of “Model Call”.