Inexpensive art reference images, and free to teachers

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Are you an artist, or an art teacher, or do you know any of those? If so, please share this post with them.

I am still in the process of setting up my stock photo website. I am currently uploading lower quality images (they look good until enlarged too much) that are either not good enough to print, or are intentionally downgraded. These images are listed as “Art Reference” because they are great to use when drawing or painting so you can have something to base your art upon.

They are listed at $1.49 each but if you buy 20 or more there is a coupon code of ArtRef1 that will discount your purchase by 75% (approximately $.037 per image).

Art teachers who email me at and put a subject of “I am an art teacher” and include a link to a school website that identifies them as an art teacher will get a coupon code for up to $50 worth of art reference images.…/artref-pack-pics/

There are currently two categories of art reference images, Flowers and Animals. Others will be added soon.

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