What is HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography?

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Exposure Compensation allows you to compensate for either extremely dark shadow detail, or very bright highlight detail. But what if there is such an extreme variation in light that you can’t balance the two? There is a relatively new art in photography called High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography. It uses multiple exposures taken from the same exact position, at different exposures, to capture a fuller range of light and color. These exposures are then blended together using computer software to create a photograph that captures both the highlight and shadow details. This technique can also be used to create an artistic look by displaying a much wider range of color and/or light than a single photograph might normally capture. In fact many of the new cameras, and even phone cameras, can create HDR images by sensing a broad range of light and color patterns in a single shot, and combining them into a single image that captures a broader range.

The extremely popular and very powerful Adobe Lightroom allows you to create a realistic looking version of HDR in a very easy manner, by simply selecting the photos and making a selection on a menu. There are also a number of stand-alone programs and add-ins for Lightroom and Photoshop that allow a broader range of looks, including some very unrealistic (but artistic) styles.

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