Checking your exposure on site

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You can somewhat tell if you got a good exposure by looking at the image on your LCD screen. But at 3” in size it only gives you a look at the obvious. There are several things you can do that are very quick and easy once you get used to them. One is to use the histogram. Using the luminance histogram is a good start. If the graph shows an area touching the left side, that means you have shadow details that are being lost. If the graph shows an area touching the right side, that means you have highlight areas that are losing detail. Either of those individually can be adjusted for by using Exposure Compensation.

Another way to determine if your highlights are overexposed is to use the Highlight Alert setting on your camera. This creates what are commonly referred to as “The Blinkies” when viewing the photograph on your LCD screen. If any area of the photograph have overexposed highlights, they will blink, making it obvious that you have lost highlight detail. You can then use Exposure Compensation to adjust the exposure.

You will find other articles on better stock photography in my blog.

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